What is OM Mantra Meditation And The Benefits

OM Mantra Meditation
The primordial sound from which everything emerged.
Learn about this simple but profound OM Mantra.
OM Mantra Meditation
OM Mantra Meditation can have a great impact on our mental, emotional and physical health.
This Mantra is used to pull all the cosmic and spiritual energy towards us, and enhance our vibrational energy.
OM is present in everything. It is the sound of the universe and everything that it contains.
The primordial sound from which everything emerged.
Many scientists know the importance of the OM who have tested this mantra to ascertain its importance.
The benefits of this sincere mantra are truly amazing.

Benefits of OM Mantra

There are the major benefits to OM mantra chanting.

1. Mental Benefits: 

Om Mantra reduces stress and anxiety When you chant this mantra, it takes you to a state where you detach your ego from yourself.

You start seeing more clearly.

It gives you a new perspective on life which calms you down about the different possibilities that exist in life.

Another merit is that it removes strain and anxiety from your life and you start to feel much happier.

Enhance concentration If you see things from a different perspective, you become open-minded, you do not judge but simply observe.

That state helps you develop concentration by removing distractions.

If you are focused, you will observe both the bad and the good and then you will know what steps to take to be more efficient.

2. Removes Negativity: 

This sound creates vibrations which attracts positiveness. The negative vibrations from your body are cleared by the chanting.

When you obtain clarity, you can see the source of your anger. You deal with negativity to create positivity.

3. Physical Benefits: 

It induces the expiring capabilities which improves lung function.

When you breath while chanting, it uses the respiratory muscles and the diaphragmatic muscles to its full capacity.

In turn, the performance of the lungs improve.

Detoxifies Body The chanting of OM increases the flow of blood to the body.

This relaxes the blood vessels and increases the body’s capability to absorb more nitric oxide.

As a result, the toxins are slowly flushed out of the system.

Improves digestive system The relaxation state induced by the chanting relaxes the entire body along with your organs.

So the digestive system also relaxes.

The stress which in most cases causes irregularities in indigestion disappears.

4. Other Benefits: 

  • It strengthens your vocal cord and your voice improves.
  • It opens up the sinuses to create a free airway for breathing.
  • You become emotionally stable and have less mood swings.
  • The vibrations also stimulates metabolism and this can help you to lose weight
  • The sound “Uuuuumm” benefits the thyroid gland and the throat by its vibrations.
OM Mantra Meditation

The Power of Om

The sound of om contains the whole universe.

Its the first sound from the beginning of time, and it also encompasses the present and the future.

The importance and power are difficult to overstate.

In the chakra system, it is connected to ajna chakra, the third eye, which represents intuition and self-knowledge.

Om in Yoga

An om at the end of yoga class signifies that your physical practice has ended and it is time to reenter society.

Chanting with a group of people also serves to unify the group and create a sense of community.

The Science of Om

Scientists have researched the effects on the brain of the vibrations created by chanting.

Scientists conclude that chanting om has potential in the treatment of major depressive disorder.

I hope you enjoyed reading about OM Mantra Meditation.