New Thought and the Law of Attraction

New Thought and the Law Of Attraction.

A lot of people have been wondering what makes Agape Michael Beckwith so magnetic that many people simply cannot avoid agreeing with him. 

Beckwith is one of foremost proponents and teachers of New Thought, which bears close similarities with the law of attraction.

With the popularity of both New Though and law of attraction these times,

it should not surprising for Beckwith to gain the acceptance of thousands.

Or even tens of thousands of people not only in the US but even abroad.

After all, while Beckwith has his own particular appeal along with his Agape organization, it is actually his message that people love.

New Thought

New Thoughtis a theory that is based on the belief that the individual person is independent from society.

In fact, it asserts that the individual is above society.  Agape Michael Beckwith expounds further that a society that is value-based must be built.

This is one society where the mind of the individual is the compelling force from which all social activities are based.

Beckwith is currently working on the establishment and growth of what his organizations calls as the Beloved Community.

At first, people may get the impression that this community is sectarian in nature.

In fact, it is not Agape is open to people from all religious persuasions.

The law of attraction agrees and complements with New Thought through one very fundamental premise.

If New Thought sees the transformation of society by the individual’s power of love for people and for peace.

The law of attraction encourages the individual to think positively so that his status in life becomes better and so that he solves his problems.

Therefore, it is clear that both share the premise that positive thinking of the individual is powerful enough to make a better world or a better self.

This idea happens to be transcendental.

It does not belong to just one or two religions.

It is one that is applicable no matter what one’s religious belief is.

Being non-sectarian works to the advantage of Agape Michael Beckwith.

While he teaches ideas that are liberating in nature, people listen to him because he does not promote just one religion.

He used to be a Christian minister though.

New Theory

However, after learning about New Theory, as well as the law of attraction, he began devoting his life in preaching the principles of love and peace.

which certainly transcends all religions, whether these originated from the West such as Christianity or from the East such as Buddhism.

To open Agape further to people of different faiths, Beckwith has managed to redefine certain Christian tenets.

Beckwith is clearly someone who has been able to attract more people to New Thought and the law of attraction.

He can be credited for creatively seeking ways to convince people in treading this path of peace and love while powered with positive thoughts.

Because of this, he has gained popularity, especially in the US.  In fact, Agape Michael Beckwith is reaching out to other parts of the world by way of the internet.

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