15 Major Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening happen as a natural product of your Soul evolving, expanding, and maturing

The following are the 15 Spiritual Awakening Signs

1. Empathy And Intuition:

You find yourself listening less to what people say and more to the feeling or the intention behind their words or actions.

2. Inner Peace:

It helps you comfortable being quite and having alone time. it makes you turn off the T.V and Social media more often. 

3. Renewed Consciousness:

You look back on your our own life memories as only opinions of your experience versus a concrete reality. 

Your life experience can be totally different based on the consciousness you carry.

4. Increased Intuition:

Have you ever thought of an old friend from a high school only to run into them in a restaurant the next day?

Perhaps an immediate and irrational dislike for someone or experienced the feeling when first meeting someone that you already know them?

These are all signs of intuition.

5. Synchronicity:

There is that gut feeling that the universe is conspiring to make something happen.

Your new neighbor has a New York license plate, and your barber mentions they were just in New York last month.

Then you turn on the TV and a New York’s Tourism advertisement is playing.

Some people might call this coincidence, but others believe that these subtle signs are escorting you.

If a single act has stimulated a series of events that feel like destiny, then you just might be awakening!

6. Aversion To Negative Behaviors:

If you find yourself less interested in gossip, pettiness or the judgment of others, hatred etc. This is a sign that you’re spiritually awakened.

7. Inner Calmness:

Spiritual Awakening dramatically reduces the inner noise of our thought-chatter. 

8. Well-Being

Well-being is possibly the most obvious sign of an awakening generated by wakefulness.

Awakened individuals may not live in a state of complete uninterrupted bliss, but they are generally much more content than other people.

These people are much less prone to negative states such as boredom, loneliness, and dissatisfaction.

9. A Universal Outlook:

Awakened people have a wide sense of perspective, a macrocosmic outlook.

They aren’t preoccupied with their personal problems and concerns to the exclusion of everything else.

These individuals know they’re not the center of the universe. They have an awareness of the vast impact of their individual actions.

10. Appreciation: 

Spiritually Awakened individuals feel grateful after awakening.

Individuals don’t get used to the good things in their lives once they’ve had them for a while.

They appreciate the value of their health and their freedom, the beauty and kindness of their partners, and the innocence and brightness of their children.

They have the ability to count their blessings, no matter how long they have had them.

11. Drawn to Nature

We may get distracted when walking outside (even during a busiest day) around nature just looking at flowers, birds or the sky.

12. Absence of Fear of Death

All fear is really a fear of death. Fear decreases generally as an individual grows more awakened. This might be due to the lack of attachment.

Your own death seems less tragic when you focus on living in the present and stop worrying so much about the future or regretting the past.

When consciousness is seen as transcending a physical body, the loss of this body feels less tragic. Seeing death as unavoidable, being part of your process, allows for peace and removes fear.

13. Growth:

Awakened people have a high level of well-being that seems to be more consistent.

You know that there is a mind-body connection, which translates to people who are happier are also healthier.

14. Beyond Materialism 

In wakefulness, the impulse to accumulate falls away.

It’s not important anymore for us to try to accumulate possessions, wealth, success, status, or power during spiritual enlightenment.

15. Authenticity

Awakening beings huge amount of confidence and a deep sense of self-worth. 

Although many awakened people are influencers, they don’t aspire to have followers.

With the recognition that it is not their job to please others, to avoid stating unpopular opinions, or to tread gently around the way others choose to feel comes an energy that is attractive and feels secure to be around.

Practices to Assist in Your Spiritual Awakening

If you’re reading this and feeling like you have had hints of awakening but want to open yourself fully to its potential, here are some recommended activities:

  • Meditate
  • Spend time outside
  • Laugh a lot 
  • Dance
  • Volunteer
  • Practice gratitude
  • Slow down

I hope you enjoyed reading these spiritual awakening signs. 

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