10 Signs Your Manifestation is NEAR (it’s Inevitable!)

Are you trying to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest a desire in your life?

Applying the Law of Attraction may be difficult for some, especially if there aren’t any clear signs to give us direction.

How do you tell if your manifestation is close? Are there any signs of manifestation that you should look at for to know that you are on the right track?

You know that you want the money, the flow in life, the partner, the dream job – but once you put it out to the universe, it’s not as if you have a tracking number to see where your parcel’s being delivered. It’s not that simple for us.

But from my experience, I’ve realized that there are some signs of when your manifestation is actually coming into reality! Let’s get into it.

Signs Your Manifestation is CLOSE

You Feel Good:

Signs your manifestation is near

The first sign is that you feel good. In fact, you feel really GREAT!! The law of attraction is about attracting positive energies from the Universe to bring you more and more positive things into your life.

You receive what you give out in the world. So if you’re filled with negative thoughts and emotions, the Universe will give you just that – more negativity.

That’s why FEELING GOOD and being HAPPY is the very first sign which means your manifestation is working! Once you start feeling good and emitting positive vibrations, more positivity will come into your life!

A Sense Of Calmness:

Sense of Calm

Feeling a sense of calm is another sign which means your manifestation is working.

Why? Because subconsciously you already know that you will simply attract whatever you want. Your brain is no longer in a state of scarcity but in a state of abundance.

This calm energy is great because it teaches you to be tolerant as you wait for the manifestations to become a reality.

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You Attract GOOD:


Good things start happening to you The third thing is that good things start happening to you.

For example, if I want to manifest a new boyfriend, I will start observing attractive and eligible men wherever I go. Or if I’m trying to manifest wealth, I may notice money on the ground.

It might be just a small amount, but it’s a hint that my manifestation is working and that my “money goals” are just around the corner.

Gut Feeling:


Your intuition is usually the thing to inform you that what you desire is coming into physical form!

When I’ve manifested money, jobs, a partner, clients, Joy (anything) I first had a gut feeling that it was going to happen.

It takes time to get into understanding what your intuition is telling you – I like to recommend daily meditation.

People Dropping Out of your life:

Signs your manifestation is near

This is an interesting sign. Everything is vibration, and the law of attraction brings like vibrations in conjunction, if you’re not aligned with your new desire you have created for yourself, you’re going to drop out.

They might move out of town, no longer keep in touch, or whatever. You can find logical reasons to explain why they’re gone, but everything is vibrational.

You start vibing at a frequency, if they cannot reach at your level, they fade away. If you’re vibing high, you’re going to attract people of that frequency too. That easy.

Sign From The Universe:

Signs your manifestation is near

Very often the Universe shows us HUGE signs that our manifestation is coming true. It can be in numerous forms, such as having dreams when you sleep, spiritual guidance and your daily interactions with people.

In order to understand these signs, you need to make the effort to be attentive. Skepticism and negativity all serve to block your consciousness from receiving its aid.


Signs Your Manifestation is CLOSE

Dreams are incredible, and if you’re not already doing this, then I’d highly suggest you start a dream journal. When your manifestation is close you start to have dreams that show you, you have it already.

Sense of Excitement: 

Signs Your Manifestation is CLOSE

You just feel some sense of expectation and joy, because you know it’s coming.

You can get excited, and not really have a tangible reason for why you feel that way. You just have a feeling inside that “Something incredible is coming. I can feel it.” You can trust that! It’s a message from your soul to you.

Feeling is the soul’s language. Learn to trust it, if you don’t already.

Other People

women talking

The universe begins to send you messages through people around you! Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a new food business etc.

Then you’re having a conversation with a friend or family, and they suddenly say something like, “I bet you’d do really great if you had a Business. You have a lot of information about proper food and nutrition!” Yup, That’s a sign.

Everything seems to sync up

Signs Your Manifestation is CLOSE

Have you ever felt as if the entire Universe is conspiring to make your dream come true? To the point where it feels like you’re living in a movie?

You don’t even have to try and good things come your way. For example, you might be wondering, “Should I go on a vacation?” and then you come across killer deal to your dream destination.

Or you might be debating about applying to a new job and then you get an email about a dream job posting! This is what we call synchronicity! And if you notice this happening to you, then it means your manifestation is coming!

When I wasn’t sure about whether or not I would do a PhD, this is exactly what started happening to me. I was applying for jobs at the same time and struggling to get interviews.

I never struggled getting interviews before! Then, I was contacted by THREE PROFESSORS, all of whom wanted to work with ME!

This was before I actually applied for the program! That’s what I ended up proceeding and I don’t regret it at all.

These signs and “Positive things” happening to you are the Universe’s way of guiding you to achieving your goal. Pay close attention to them and learn to read between the lines.

I hope you enjoyed the article. 

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